We are at home in Canmore, Alberta with our baby boy, Zev,
born on October 9, 2004. Zev is the Hebrew word for wolf.

Karsten just completed the Being Caribou book, due out in the United
States this October, 2005. Karsten, Leanne and Erica are all working on
a fall schedule of speaking engagements and film screenings in an
effort to follow up on the lesson we took away from Washington in
September 2003 ... that our job is not to lobby politicians but to
convince others to do so. We have taken our experience of migrating
with the Porcupine Caribou Herd and turned it into a narrative we hope
will compel voters across the States to stand up for the last 5% of
the Alaskan Arctic Coast that isn’t open to oil and gas development.
Now more than ever, with a new budget waiting to be reconciled in
mid-September to mid-October that will allow drilling in the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge, we feel the pressure to keep up our work.

We have been to speaking engagements and film festivals since the film
was released last September, have worked to profile the issue in media
across North America and in communities where we speak as well as up in
the Yukon. We have organized screenings, worked with the Alaska
Wilderness Coalition to distribute the film as an tool to grassroots
activists, organized a demonstration, written letters, partnering with
the National Film Board of Canada to get television broadcasts and
further festival screenings of the film, worked with businesses and
organizations to increase awareness of the importance of the calving
grounds, and continued to work with others who care about the caribou.

As we said, Being Caribou has been turned into a film, will soon be a
book in both the United States and Canada, and with the completion of
both, we will embark on a slide/video presentation tour across the
States and Canada.

If you can help our small effort to help bring closure to an issue
that has dragged on for more than 80 years, please contact us. Among
other things, we are trying to get on Oprah, make contact with
past-president Jimmy Carter, and connect with Robert Redford. We feel
these three individuals and others of influence can help us get copies
of Being Caribou into the hands and homes of people of influence, and
possibly into university, college and mainstream theatres across the
United States. Anyone who can help, please let us know.

As well, if you are interested in supporting our efforts, donations are
gratefully accepted. We are three individuals with no funding or
funders, the film does not bring revenue as it is owned by the National
Film Board of Canada (without whom we would never have been able to
make it), and our efforts often incur expenses.

We are unable to provide tax receipts. However, if you are so moved,
donations are gratefully accepted.